Studio Views: Ludovica Gioscia

Ludovica Gioscia (born 1977, Rome) lives and works in London. She graduated with an MFA Fine Art Media from the Slade School of Art in 2004 and has been exhibiting internationally since. We visited her in her studio next to the Thames Barrier in London.

How long have you been here?

I moved in here April 2015.

Why here?

Previously I was in a studio in Hackney Wick until they developed the building. I’d been in there for more than 10 years and they sold the building. I was hunting for a studio and a friend of mine mentioned the fact that he got a studio here and he thought the spaces were incredible and I came to see it and these studios that were in this very corridor were all work in progress. Nothing was built and as soon as I saw the space, I was impressed with the size of the space and the height. And I though, Yes I am taking it now.

What made you decide to take it?

The location, despite it being far. It is next to the Thames Barrier so you have a great sense of space and the fact that for the first time I could physically afford a bigger space in London was what made me decide to instantly put a deposit down.

What is it about the space that you like?

The proportions, the industrial setting. The large column plays a huge role. The relationship between the width and the height of the space has something special about it. I used to live in a flat that had similar proportions to this and there is something about this height that gives you headspace.

What is your favourite item in your studio?

It must be my screen printing bed. Because it allows me to make my wallpapers! I guess it is my number one tool.

How much time do you spend here?

I am here nearly every day. From the morning till dinner time.

What is your favourite memory of the studio so far?

I think I cannot say it is one memory. I can say it is a collection of Eureka moments. Particularly it is the first time I have so much space and the first time I have storage space, and this has allowed me to live with the work, move it around, make experiments have fragments of past work with fragments of present works. And in so playing I have had a few revelations and those have been very special moments. Without the space I would have never been able to have that. Literally space for play.

I you could change anything, what would you change?

The floors. Because they are completely uneven. Basically it is compressed earth. Things sink into it. It would be nice to have a levelled floor.

If you could add anything, what would you add?

Heating! I’ve never had a studio with a heating. I am lucky the studio is insulated and I do have a heater but yes come January, February, I work in a space suit and two hats.


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