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Welcome to Thirty Nine Monte Carlo, Monaco’s most exclusive private members’ club. The ultimate luxury experience, Thirty Nine is paradoxically a serene and social atmosphere. Allotting its members a total privacy, the club is designed to be an extension of one’s home.

Thirty Nine offers its members more than just services, it inspires a lifestyle focused on health and beauty; a unique concept born out of the vision of a Scottish ex-Rugby International and Monaco resident Ross Beattie. Ross’ philosophy for Thirty Nine was to create an ideal environment for its members to practice fitness and to nourish their bodies in a way that achieves optimum results and improves quality of life. Thirty Nine encompasses an entire sports’ floor of unmatched quality, being the training facility of choice for the elite athletes such as Novak Djokovic, Paula Radcliffe and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The delicious and healthy menu at 39 Dining, created by top chef David Knapp, is designed for one to eat healthy, recuperate the body after a workout and of course to enjoy every bite. Studio 39 is an award-winning beauty salon and spa, with the spa working exclusively with Biologique Recherche products, known as the “Hermès of skincare”. Attention to detail runs throughout the club, from each of the social spaces to the interior design as a whole. This focus is especially present in the art that is specially curated throughout the club, serving a both pleasing and thought-provoking experience for the viewer.

To date, Thirty Nine has housed both world-renowned artists, such as Claude Monet, Niki de Saint-Phalle, Anton Smit, and Benjamin Shine, as well as independent artists such as Dario Vella and Mario Consiglio. Art is displayed throughout the entire club, with the theme of the piece corresponding to the space in which it hangs. Mario Consiglio, an Italian artist, uses unique materials such as lycra and foam, which lends a distinct pop art aesthetic to his pieces. One work, titled “We Are The Last Primitive People”, in electric blue lycra and foam lettering mounted on wood, is displayed in the Pilates studio. It faces another titled “Brain”, featuring burgundy and grey colouring. The works are both similar in style yet distinctly differ in colour choice. This paradox both elevates and embellishes the Pilates experience. Dario Vella’s surreal works featuring tigers hang in the women’s changing room as well as the upstairs cigar lounge. Both pleasing to the eye and visually intriguing, these lend a unique mood of wonder and tranquility to the spaces in which they are displayed.

“We are the Last Primitive People” by Mario Consiglio

As you walk through the central marble staircase, “Tongue Rolling Stones” by Patrick Rubinstein provides an arresting image. Born in 1960 in Paris, Patrick Rubinstein is a contemporary French artist from the world of fashion, working his paintings on the concept of OPT ART (Kinetic Art). Thanks to an innovative technique, his works offer you three different views depending on the angle. Happy memories have inspired the 3D works. The images come alive before our very eyes, changing colours and nature as we pass. Rubinstein’s imagination is endless, allowing the viewer to rediscover Pop and Street Art in a fresh way. In 2013, just five years after the sale of his first work, Patrick Rubinstein was ranked among the Top 100 Best Reviewed French Artists.

With this fresh mix of old and new, established and still on its way to discovery, Thirty Nine aims to showcase a wide range of artists, both in the collection that is displayed semi-permanently as well as specialised, one-night-only events. For most of the pieces displayed, a sale may be negotiated.


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