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The Ai Weiwei Papercuts

In this limited-edition portfolio )and now sold out) created exclusively for Taschen, Ai Weiwei employs the medium to reflect on his life and work in eight papercuts.

Meticulously cut in large-format, colored fine-art paper, each papercut is signed by the artist and comes with explanatory notes by Chin-Chin Yap, who has extensively worked with Ai Weiwei, most recently as a writer and co-producer on several films

Through these eight pieces, Ai offers a beautiful, personal retrospective in a unique format.

Paper cutting is a traditional Chinese art going back 2,000 years. The colored, intricately cut papers are used as a story-telling medium in festivities, for prayers, and as everyday decoration.

Collector’s Edition of 250 copies. The portfolio presents eight papercuts, each signed by Ai Weiwei.

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