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Sun & Moon by Lou Zhenggang x Lalique

Sun&Moon, the series co-created by Lou Zhenggang and Lalique, is imbued with the serene atmosphere of a landscape. Six clear crystal panels, each enamelled, present themselves as single paintings on which the brush has imprinted its ink. On one side, the artist has traced the sun in enamel. On the other, Lalique craftsmen have shaped the moon motif.

Lou Zhenggang

Declared a child prodigy by the Chinese government at the age of 12, Lou Zhenggang rose to national fame as a legendary figure in Chinese calligraphy and painting during the 1970s and 1980s.

Determined to develop a more personal style as an artist and to be more free in her expressions, she moved to Japan at the age of 20. Here, the experimentation with different techniques led her to expand her artistic range with abstract works, including colour paintings, silk screens as well as classical black ink artwork.

Collected by many renowned museums and private collectors alike, Lou established herself as one of the leading brush artists of our time. She resides and works in Izu, Japan, until this day.

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